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27 Oct 2015 More on that soon but on the a7s II I like CINE 3 and the Still color profile. Here is the breakdown of the Gamma settings for the Sony a7s II.

5 Jan 2016 Sony A7S II - Slog3 S-Gamut3 - NOISE ISSUE - test footage sony a7s ii due to 4-2-0 sampling it crunches to hard and therefore slog-2 should  How to Use S Log 2 and S Log 3 on the Sony a7S II - ShareGrid

Jan 06, 2017 · How To Expose SLOG3 Properly - No More Noisy Shadows! Harv Video/Audio Stuff. Slog3 + Sony FS7 Exposure and Grading Tutorial - Duration: Sony a7SII A6300 A6000 Slog2 vs Slog3 vs Cine 4

Sony SGamut vs. SGamut3: Battle of the Color Spaces 4 Mar 2014 SGamut3.cine/SLog3 to SLog2-709: Converts the image to Rec 709 color space from SGamut3.cine and translates the SLog3 gamma curve to  Color Correcting a7S II Footage for a More Natural Look 27 Jan 2016 The Sony a7S II is one of the most popular mirrorless cameras on the market for video, but it calls for some extra color grading in post to get the  You Don't Have to Shoot Log all the Time. Right? | - Erik Naso 27 Oct 2015 More on that soon but on the a7s II I like CINE 3 and the Still color profile. Here is the breakdown of the Gamma settings for the Sony a7s II. My Favorite Picture Profile For the Sony A7Sii, FS5, and

索尼A7iii CINE4 vs SLOG2 vs SLOG3_哔哩哔哩(゜-゜)つロ干杯 2018年10月15日 索尼A7iii CINE4 vs SLOG2 vs SLOG3 【油管搬运】Sony a7iii 最好的图片配置文件(HLG vs CINE4) 索尼A7SII入手第二天拍摄PP7 slog2测试. Difference between SLOG/SLOG2/SLOG3 and Cineflat/Flaat10/Flaat11 I'm starting to learn videography on my D810 and my A7S II and I am wondering how all this work. I understand the Also, what is the difference between Sony's LOG profiles? Olympus E-M1X vs Nikon D5: shooting tennis. Sony Head to Head: a7 Mirrorless Series versus the FS7 4K With Sony's latest and greatest mirrorless releases of the a7R II and a7S II, this line has hold up when put side by side with one of Sony's professional 4K video cameras, the FS7. Should slog3 be used on the a7sii and fs5, slog2 on the a7rii?. The low light performance of the A7SII is BETTER than the FS7, and the 

Allows you to change the settings for the color, gradation, etc for movies. How to expose and grade S-Log2 on the Sony a7R II and 4 Dec 2015 The definitive guide to exposing, monitoring and grading S-Log2 footage from the Sony a7R II and Sony a7S II.

Buy filmconvert. It has an amazing set of LUTs for all of Sonys picture profiles including slog2&3. The exposure control for it is amazing and way better than most other exposure functions on other softwares on the market. Honestly on the a7s and a7sii the slog2 feature isn't as great as it's choked up to be in my opinion.

Customized Slog2 LUT for the Sony a7s (II) to match the Arri 22 Mar 2016 Customized Slog2 LUT for the Sony a7s (II) to match the Arri Amira/Alexa/Mini Having done a Arri Amira vs Sony FS7 test ( ) I had a Link for the slog2 A7s and slog3.cine Fs7 LUTs package:  Preset LUTs - Convergent Design Alexa style Low Contrast Rec.709, converted from the Sony original to Extended. colour and pure Rec.709 curve with clipped highlights SLog3-SGamut3. FREE Sony S-Log 2 to Rec.709 LUT - Ground Control - Color THIS LUT IS MADE FOR FOOTAGE SHOT IN S-LOG2. IT HELPS YOUR COLORS BE BEAUTIFUL. If you like this, you'll love Renegade 2, our S-LOG 2 LUT  Sony a7sII - Supported Cameras - Atomos

Sony A7sii vs A7rii. Still not sure : videography

OK, I'm gonna be honest here, this is a bit of an over reaction. While I do agree that slog requires a bit of a knowledge, it has 3 'steps', slog3 having the biggest dynamic range and being the most 'flat'. Sony a7sII slog3 Test on Vimeo Run and Gun at it's finest: filming 3 kids, goats, with changing light in the yard and the beach, but this basic slog3 test on the Sony a7sII still impressed me. Filmed in Picture Profile 9 at 4K (100mb). Customized Slog2 LUT for the Sony a7s (II) to match the Arri Mar 22, 2016 · The Sony a7s is a nice camera, with a lot of dynamic range for a 8 bit camera. Incredible low light capabilities, but when shooting Slog2 (at native 3200 ISO) I saw more noise then I would like. Exactly why most people overexpose the slog2 by 1 or even 2 stops. And I would also advice to do so. Cine-4 vs S-log2: Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Forum May 26, 2016 · He says the Cine-4 profile has almost as much dynamic range, and you can bring your ISO down away from S-log's native 3200. Any video shooters out there who prefer Cine-4 over S-log2? Does Cine-4 have a native ISO to maximize dynamic range? Thanks! Cine 4 in the day, Cine 2 at night is what I have been using.

Using S-Log2 and S-Log3 with the Sony A6300 (with LUT's to The new Sony A6300 is making quite a stir. This compact interchangeable lens camera has an amazing feature set that is very similar to the features found on it’s bigger brothers the A7sII and A7RII. As a video camera it’s also capable recording using the XAVC-S codec in both HD and UHD(4K). It This LUT Fixes the Slog Problem on Sony a7S, Sony a7S II, a7R Back in March, I wrote a scientific article on the crushed blacks phenomenon concerning the Sony a7S, Sony a7S II, Sony a7R II and Sony a6300 cameras. Basically, the contrast information is saved incorrectly on external recordings via HDMI, thus defeating the whole purpose of a standardized Slog Gamma. Sony Alpha A7SII Review - Mark Galer The A7SII has big shoes to fill. First still frame captured with the A7SII using the lossless Raw capability of the camera. Mighty Big Shoes to Fill. The launch of the original A7S in 2014 caused a major stir in both the movie and stills imaging industries and proved Sony were really capable of some truly ‘disruptive’ technological innovation. Download My Free Sony A7S II Slog 3 LUT Here + Why I Won't

So it would be Slog2 or Slog3 in your case; but again: Slog3 is a bit of a rough srgb vs adobergb is the color primaries you are recording to. S-Log2 v.s S-Log3,我該怎麼選? | 杰客森林-單機攝影情報 2017年12月3日 今天要來跟大家聊一下SONY自家品牌攝影機所搭載的”S-Log”,許多人在使用S家機器時, A7S II發表時,SONY推行S-Log3的對比影片: Share. Post tagsa7sfs7logs-logS-Log2s-log3slogslog2slog3sony差別差異比較用途調色  Questions regarding Sony A7S 2 SLOG-2/3 shooting : cinematography I am using Canon 5D Mark 3 but new to Sony A7s @. While reading about shooting settings on Sony, I have understood SLOG-2/3 works as camera raw and  Using Picture Profile presets with S-Log | Shooting with S-Log