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Iridescent shark has very poor eyesight, it is a very nervous fish easily scared. Don’t knock on the tank glass, the fish may hurt itself while its crazy panic attack. Frightened iridescent sharks hysterically rushes all around the tank hitting the glass walls, decorations and other fishes. Care & feeding Types Of Freshwater Aquarium Fish » Learn More Iridescent Shark. Iridescent sharks, also known as the siamese shark or sutchi catfish, are a species of catfish native to Asia. Though they make for great tank fish, you must remember that they will eat any fish that can fit into their mouth. This means fish like Tetras, Danios, and Barbs are not good mates for tanks with iridescent sharks. Bala Shark - Color, Diet, Tank Requirements and More Nov 13, 2019 · What about keeping a shark in your freshwater aquarium? Before you get a spine-chilling feel, you should know that it is a shark (precisely a mini-shark) by name only. Bala Shark or Silver Shark is not at all related to those ocean-dwelling Sharks you see in movies. Rather, it got the name just because of the similar structure and appearance. Types Of Freshwater Aquarium Shark - Aquarium That

4 Sep 2014 Come view some of my favorite items from past and present. Need Ideas on what to stock your tank with.

Pangasiid Cat Hlth F - WetWebMedia Oh, and by way of a post scriptum -- Iridescent Sharks are not aquarium fish, and for other I've been doing frequent water changes and have stopped feeding the entire reservoir but the. So approach offers of "free" Channel Cats with care.

12 Sep 2019 A lot of Pangasius fish or Iridescent shark, Striped catfish, Sutchi catfish eating food feeding in the river at Ayutthaya Thailand, Wat Panan  Iridescent Shark Care Guide: Tank Mates, Tank Size, Growth Dec 14, 2018 · Iridescent Shark Care Guide. To make sure your fish are happy and healthy, the water needs to be as clean as possible. Iridescent catfish are messy by nature and need a strong filter. You can help with the filtration by changing 25% of the water weekly. This is one of the most time consuming duties of caring for your iridescent sharks.

Iridescent Shark Species Detailed Care Guide - YouTube Sep 04, 2014 · I have videos on how to breed fish, telling the genders of fish, fish food reviews, product reviews, unboxing videos, unwrapping videos, fish breeding, plant information, aquarium fish care sheet how much is my Iridescent shark worth? -

12 Aug 2019 They are fairly easy to care for, and should be fed sinking pellets as a. For me, the iridescent shark catfish represents my greatest error and 

16 Mar 2018 Care of Aquarium Shark About feeding and Maintenance Care Tips for Iridescent Shark fish in Hindi Urdu English subtitles sharks are an  how to care aquarium shark I iridescent shark I - YouTube 16 Nov 2018 Aquarium shark info/care/guide Tropicalfishcraze channel- how to care aquarium shark I iridescent shark I Aquarium shark is a very popular  Iridescent shark - Wikipedia The iridescent shark (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) is a species of shark catfish (family environmental group in Santander, Colombia, confirmed that iridescent sharks had been found in one of the tributaries that feed into the Magdalena  Iridescent Shark Care Guide - Breeding, Tank Requirement 12 Nov 2019 Iridescent Shark – Inclusive Care Guide of This Shinning Pet Fish You can feed high nutritional live foods to this fish 2-3 times a day because 

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5 Jan 2019 What to Feed Freshwater Aquarium Sharks? Iridescent sharks are really mellow but they will eat any fish that fits in their mouth and, since  Iridescent Shark (Pangasius hypophthalmus) - The Free 7 Apr 2018 2 Origin; 3 Sexing; 4 Tank compatibility; 5 Diet; 6 Feeding regime Iridescent Shark, Sutchi Catfish, Pangasius Cat, ID Shark, Mystic Shark  In Defense of the "Iridescent Shark" - ScotCat 4 Mar 2007 read the article about iridescent sharks or Pangasius hypophthalmus in ScotCat. fighting with the elephant nose over the black worms I feed the tank. in pretty much the same way as any fish should be and taken care of in  Record of Iridescent shark catfish Pangasianodon

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can u tell me what to feed a Iridescent Shark.? | Yahoo Answers Apr 03, 2009 · well i have 3 iridescent sharks and very easy to take care. yes direct sunlight is tom be avoided but dim lights could be useful. i had around 17 fishes like goldfishes, tetras, shubhangi, kois, mollies, some baby river fishes(not harmable to other fishes),etc. however throughtout this year all the fishes died due to some water problems and various diseases but somehow these iridescent sharks Iridescent Shark-Skin Cracked | My Aquarium Club I do 50% weekly, and lately even add a proper measured amount of aquarium salt w/the change. Aside from the two mating 3-4" Blood Parrots bullying my 8-10" Iridescent Shark away from it's special food at feeding time, the skin on it's right flank--below the mid-line--appears to be cracked. What could be causing this? Where to buy Siamese Iridescent Shark at the best prices in Kenya